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Stephany Head, PhD

OpRisk Associates, LLC
Dr. Head has worked with the Federal Government and private industry implementing enterprise risk management (ERM), and corporate performance management (CPM) programs for the assessment of large-scale information technology (IT) investments, as well as supported global companies in the areas of: strategic sourcing, supply chain management, operational risk management, governance, policy development, and IT outsourcing. She has spoken at the Federal Reserve on organizational performance, the Risk Management Association on Trends in Cybersecurity, was recognized as one of the top 50 Most Important African Americans in Technology (2010), and Black Engineer of the Year (2001). She has received national awards for combining business acumen and informational technology expertise to develop and execute strategic information technology plans aligned with corporate goals. She has experience supporting the Federal CIO agenda (Governance, EA, Information Assurance, Emerging Technologies, IT Process Improvement Disciplines (such as ITIL, COBIT, SDLC, policy, and Operations, etc.)).

As President of OpRisk Associates, LLC., Dr. Head has over sixteen years’ experience providing strategic planning, enterprise architecture analysis, and consulting services including portfolio and risk management. She has supported global companies in the areas of: strategic sourcing, supply chain management, outsourcing, and global business continuity management solutions. She has developed risk management solutions for the Federal Aviation Administration for programs impacting the operational effectiveness of airports. She has spoken at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South on Business Continuity, and Crisis Management, and Pandemic Planning.

Dr. Head has a Ph.D. in Strategy, and has supported organizations in Africa, Brazil, France, Germany, England, Belgium, and Canada.  She has a business process Patent on “Increasing Win Probability in Large Complex Contract Competitions (Patent # 7962379).”