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Rick Parsons

Author of "Investing in Banks: Strategies and Statistics for Bankers, Directors and Investors"
Richard J. Parsons is a long-time banker as well as author of two books about the banking industry.   

In his first book, Broke: America’s Banking System (2013, The Risk Management Association), Parsons explains why 3,000 banks across the U.S. have failed since the 1980s.  His second book, Investing in Banks (2016, The Risk Management Association) focuses on the characteristics of the nation’s best banks.  RMA will issue a second edition of Investing in Banks in 2020. 

Parsons is a frequent contributor to the Risk Management Journal and Seeking Alpha where he writes about bank investing and bank risk management.  The November 2018 of the Risk Management Journal featured his article about the future of bank risk management, a topic he is currently digging deeper into for White Paper to be published by RMA in 2020. 

In addition to writing for RMA, Parsons created and teaches a two-day course on Advanced Operational Risk Management.  This course equips bankers to achieve a higher order of risk management thinking that ultimately reduces bank risk and improves risk-adjusted profitability.  Using timely case studies, bankers who attend this course debate the deep-rooted people, processes, systems, and market challenges that have plagued bank operators and owners for generations. 

Prior to writing and speaking about the banking, Parsons spent 31 years at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch where he was executive vice president and member of the Management Operating Committee. During the first half of his career he held leadership roles in community and commercial banking in North Carolina, Florida, and Texas.  During the back half of his career he held various global leadership positions with oversight for enterprise functions covering Risk Management, HR, Corporate Marketing, Quality & Productivity, and Strategy. 

Parsons has a BA in history from Ohio Wesleyan University and an MBA from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business where he is a member of the Alumni Board.